Pigments for Plastic
TopChem is establishing new laboratory in Xiaoshan(Hangzhou) district, which is going to focus on developing pigments for plastic use - our major business plan for this year.

Vat Dyes
TopChem is finishing the fourth manufacturing base of vat dyes in Xuzhou, it will become the largest producer of high-grade vat dyes in the world and the only available supplier for related intermediates.

Pyridazinone & Pyridaben
TopChem become designated suppliers(also exclusive) of Pyridazinone to NissanChem in Japan. Also will provide OEM service for their Pyridaben formulation products in future.

As the most widely used flocculant in mining industry, TopChem expects the market of PAM (Polyacrylamide) will keep on growing in coming years. TopChem is going to set up branch office in two major mineral exporting countries in Southamerica – Chile & Brazil, to provide comprehensive service to local users.